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Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Joe Spenard came to Alaska in 1909. The City Express, Spenard’s transfer and taxi service was born in Valdez and moved to Anchorage, along with Spenard and his wife, in 1916.

More than a century later, The Spenardian launched its first publication in 2018. Inspired by the rich culture and heritage that Joe Spenard pioneered in the area, we dedicate ourselves to hyperlocal reporting in and around the curviest road in Anchorage. In addition to the current events and news of Spenard, The Spenardian features food, culture, arts and entertainment, history and profiles of the neighborhood’s businesses and inhabitants.

Victoria Petersen
Victoria Petersen is currently a reporter at the Peninsula Clarion newspaper. She was born and raised on the mean streets of Spenard, where her family homesteaded in the 1940s. She’s passionate about community and keeping her neighborhood informed.
Sam Davenport
Managing Editor
Sam Davenport is the Startups Storyteller at UA’s Center for Economic Development and a freelance writer in Anchorage. You can find her sipping on a gingerberry smoothie from Middle Way Cafe any given day of the week.
Levi Brown
Levi Brown supports his regular McCafe cravings by working as a designer at Anchorage Daily News. His favorite font is Futura, and he enjoys repeatedly watching every season of “The Office.”
Young Kim
Media Editor
Young likes to take pictures. Young likes to climb trees. Young is pretty good at rolling egg rolls.
Yoshina Okamoto
PR & Events Coordinator
Yoshina Okamoto is a dog person first and an advertising and public relations specialist second. She loves writing copy, homemade pasta and “Top Chef.”

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